AGC Field Controller

An unconventional approach to conventional control
Application Golf
Number of Stations Up to 42


AGC Field Controller
AGC Field Controller
AGC Field Controller
User installed options

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  • Input Power: 120/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz at 2 amps maximum for 120 VAC and 1 amp maximum at 230 VAC
  • Station Output: 24 VAC at 4 amps maximum
  • UL, c-UL, CE, and C-tick certifications


  • Wireless: 2 watt UHF (450-470 MHz) narrow band radio
  • Wired: Uses Hunter GCBL cable


  • GCBL: Direct-bury, two twisted pair, shielded cable
  • GCBLA: Armoured, direct-bury, two twisted pair, shielded cable
  • Wired and wireless, conventional and decoder


  • RA5M: Base Antenna
  • TW Series weather station with optional wireless or hardwired communications and solar power
  • ICR no-license remote (via integrated SmartPort®)
  • TRNR: Handheld radio for StraightTalk™ communications
  • Hardwire Versions: Up to 3 km to first field controller, up to 3 km between each additional field controller


The AGC controller brings a fresh new approach to the traditional golf field controller – an information-packed, digital display with powerful backlighting, as well as a user-friendly dial that walks you through programs, records manual operations and includes diagnostics. Plus, it’s completely programmable from a convenient, removable facepack.

Key Benefits

High temperature display with backlight
Ten start times per program
Six automatic programs and four manual programs
Programmable overlap (SmartStack™) configured by program
20 Simultaneous Station Groups (SSGs) of up to 4 stations each
Station runtimes up to 6 hours with programmable delay between stations
Dual Pump/Master Valve outputs programmable by station (NO or NC selectable)
Self-diagnostic circuit breaker skips shorted stations and continues watering
Non-volatile memory and 366-day calendar
Programmable station-based cycle and soak
Runtime seasonal adjustments by program or controller from 0% to 300% in 1% increments
Dual-wall outdoor plastic pedestal with key locks
Internal local flow meter connection and up to 4 Clik™-type sensor inputs (programmable to program level)

Advanced Features

Forget the manual. With one push of the button, you can receive a screen full of tips, instructions, and even records for any dial position.

AGC Golf Irrigation Control Facepack

Additional snap-in modules have their own display and buttons for setup and testing. It's so easy to install, you only need a screwdriver.

Golf Control Snap In

Create personal, unique names for programs, stations and even our unique SSGs (Simultaneous Station Groups). You'll never need a "cheat sheet" just to water the grass.

AGC Golf Irrigation Control Facepack

From our maintenance radio remote control (UHF-based, no computer required) with StraightTalk™ technology to our low cost, license-free ICR (up to 3 km range).

Golf Radio Control

Induction coil surge suppression on every output.

Irrigation Decoder

Plug and play two-wire decoder modules can be used in combination with conventional station modules.

Golf Irrigation Decoder



AGC Plastic Pedestal

Height 102 cm
Width 56 cm
Depth 40 cm



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