I-80 Nozzle Removal and Installation

Primary Nozzle Removal and Installation

Figure 2

Figure 3

  1. Insert the hex-key end of the Hunter wrench into the primary nozzle “arrow” located on the top of the rubber cover. 
  2. Raise the nozzle-retainer screw by turning counterclockwise. Raise the screw until the screw clears nozzle opening. 
  3. Using small needle-nose pliers, firmly insert tip of pliers into the opening below the nozzle (Figure 2). This action will collapse the nozzle’s retaining hook (Figure 3). While gripping the nozzle, pull outward to remove. 
  4. Slip the desired nozzle firmly into the nozzle socket. Lower the nozzle-retainer screw to retain the nozzle.

Short-Range/Mid-Range Nozzle Removal and Installation

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

  1. Reference the I-80 and I-80-ON performance charts to determine the correct nozzle part number and color.
  2. Use nozzle installation and removal tool PN 803700SP to service all short-range and mid-range nozzles.
  3. When facing directly toward the nozzles, short-range nozzles are on the left and mid- range nozzles are on the right. To remove a nozzle, firmly align and press the tool against it while turning counterclockwise (Figure 4).
  4. To install the nozzle, engage the tool to the nozzle. Then carefully align the nozzle to the housing. Use care to prevent cross-threading and turn clockwise (Figure 5).
  5. Each short-range and mid-range nozzle has an alignment pointer. Turn the nozzle clockwise until the pointer is facing the 12:00 position (Figure 6).

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