DUAL - Display Messages

DUAL Module Message



Normal, ready to irrigate

Avail Stations

Range of stations available to program to decoder addresses

Prog Decoder

Program a Decoder address into the decoder


Send the address to the decoder


DUAL is trying to read the decoder

Not Detected

Reading was unsuccessful either because there is no decoder, or decoder is bad


Shown while sending the address to the decoder


Completed successfully


Troubleshooting tools

Read Current

Reads the output current in milliamps

Find Solenoid

Locate a solenoid (chatter function)

Find Stn

Enter the station number to find


Begin chatter function


Stop chatter function


Return to previous menu


Erase the entry to start again

Line Open

Two-wire path is cut or open, not connected

Line Fault

Two-wire path or solenoid wiring has a short circuit

No Communication

Cannot see I-Core facepack


Slot in cabinet for modular output modules- each one has a number

Unknown Slot Address

Module not properly inserted, pin bent or hardware malfunction

Running Stations

Displayed when decoder stations are active

Unable to Run

DUAL prevented a station from running due to high current


DUAL is about to restart the two wire path


Problem programming decoders, or no decoder found in programming port.

Out of Range

Invalid decoder address, station number already assigned to ICM-600 module

Duplicate Address

Multi-station decoder has same address on both stations

Decoder Not Supported

Decoder type not supported by DUAL

Address Not set

There was a problem during the address write (check wiring)


Change screen contrast (hold Enter button for 3 seconds)

Capacity Exceeded

Two wire path current is above 475 mA

Finding Stn

Displayed during Find Solenoid function

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