Node - Setting Master Valve Operation

(NODE-200, NODE-400, & NODE-600 only)

The multi station NODE models (NODE-200, NODE-400, and NODE-600) are capable of being programmed with the use of a normally closed master valve. When programming with the master valve you will be assigning station 1 as the master valve, effectively losing the use of station 1 for activation of an irrigation station.

  1. From the Idle Mode, press the button until the icon is displayed.
  2. Program A will be displayed along with the active station # on the lower left. Make sure the active station showing is #1. The run time for station #1 will be shown.

  3. Press the minus (-) button until the run time displayed disappears and the MV icon displays on the top screen. Station 1 is now acting as the master valve and will not be available in other programming screens.

  4. When the master valve is activated it will apply to all programs and the MV icon will stay displayed on the screen at all times.

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