SVC Battery Operated Sprinkler Controller

     The SVC has been an exceptional battery operated controllers for many years. There are a number of advances within the new version Node controller. For starters, the Node utilizes two 9 volt batteries for extended battery life as compared to one battery on the older SVC. The Node also has an allocation for a Master Valve in place of station 1 on the unit if you need to use it in conjunction with a Master Valve.

     The SVC was unique in that it utilized station based programming. In other words, every station required you to program a Start Time, Run Time and Days to Water for each station individually. That had some advantages in certain applications but many found it confusing.

Node Sprinkler Controller in Valve Box

     The Node programs like the rest of our controller’s.  It is program based programming. In this case, the program receives start times and days to water and the individual stations have their own run times. This is the more widely recognized method of irrigation programming.

     Other new features found in the Node include: Season Adjust, Sensor Bypass, Easy Retrieve memory and Programmable days off.

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