Sprays - FloGuard

FloGuard Technology supplements the robust, field-proven features and benefits of the Hunter Pro-Spray® family with an additional level of water savings. When the nozzle is removed from the head of a Pro-Spray model with FloGuard, a single 10' tall indicator stream will clearly signal the need for maintenance, and flow will be reduced to less than 0.5 GPM. FloGuard is available in pressure-regulated Pro-Spray models with check valve (factory-installed option only). Additionally, the spacer in the directional flush plug allows for full system flushing, even with the FloGuard feature. 

NOTE: Remember to remove the spacer under the plug prior to installing the nozzle.

With no nozzle installed under pressure, you will find flow rates similar to those seen in the table below:

PROS-04 30 GPM
PROS-04-PRS30-CV-F 0.5 GPM (Using FloGuard)




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