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Hunter FS 3000 and FS 1000 Webinar
Field servers for BACnet, Modbus, RESTful API, and over 120 other protocols for use with SCADA, Smart City, and BMS integrations. The Hunter FS-3000
Hunter Synthetic Turf Irrigation ST-KIT Sports Field Site Study in Phoenix, Arizona
Irrigation professional Dick Roberts of DTR Landscape Development shares his thoughts on the Hunter ST-KIT system. Watch to see several new Hunter ST
Hunter Product Specialist & Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Programs in Spanish
Hunter training is available in Spanish and in this video, Raquel will discuss Hunter training programs, courses and certificates offered that are
Hunter Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Training

Hunter Industries created a new training series consisting of over 10 videos all about Irrigation Installation Fundamentals. in this Counter Buzz video

Focus on Design: Sustainability
TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors Product Guide
TTS-800 Series golf rotors from Hunter Industries integrate advanced technology with unrivaled power, reliability, and performance to simplify
Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
Every day at Hunter Industries, we strive to conduct business with our core value of Social Responsibility in mind. The entire family of Hunter
X2 WAND Wi-Fi Module Troubleshooting
In this video, we will show you how to troubleshoot your WAND Wi-Fi module to successfully connect your X2 controller to the internet.
X2 Irrigation Controller: Connecting to Wi-Fi
Connect your X2 controller to the internet using the WAND Wi-Fi module. 0:40 - WAND OVERVIEW AND BENEFITS. 1:10 - CHECKING YOUR WI-FI SIGNAL. 1:55 -
X2 Standalone Control vs WI-FI to Hydrawise with the WAND module
In this video, you will learn how X2 works as a standalone controller without Wi-Fi. You will also learn how the WAND Wi-Fi module gives X2 new
TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors
In this Counter Buzz, learn all about the Hunter TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors. IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch) 0:41- New features and benefits of the TTS
HC Wi-Fi Controller with Hydrawise Software Product Guide
At Hunter Industries, we believe the future of the irrigation industry includes smart connected controllers offering flexibility, new features and ease
Grow Your Business with Hydrawise
Hydrawise is our focus this week as we speak with the Product Manager for Hydrawise, a Wi-Fi irrigation controller designed to work for your clients and
Hydrawise: Using the App to Setup the Controller
Learn how to use your hydrawise app to configure your controller.
Hydrawise: Advanced, Using the App to Setup the Controller
Learn how to use your hydrawise app to configure your controller using the advanced settings.
Hunter Pro Adjustable Spray Nozzles: More Durable and Long-Lasting than the Competition
Hunter Pro Adjustable Spray Nozzles: More Durable and Long-Lasting than the Competition We have all seen split and cracked spray nozzles with distorted
Hydrawise: How to add a customer to a contractor account
In this video, we are going to show you how to add a customer to your Hydrawise contractor account. You will need your customer’s email address to get
HUNTER EZ DECODER SYSTEM: How to Configure EZ Decoders for HCC and ICC2 Controllers
To program an EZ-1 decoder, start by installing the EZDM into any station output slot within an ICC2 or HCC chassis (with the power off). Once installed
Hunter EZ Decoder System Product Guide. The simple two-wire solution.
Hydrawise™ Commercial Controller (HCC): Wi-Fi Control for Up to 54 Stations
Hunter’s Next-generation HCC controller combines the convenience of web-based irrigation management with the power to control larger commercial projects
Hunter Dripline (HDL) Product Guide
Hunter Dripline (HDL) is a high-efficiency, ultra-durable upgrade to PLD that is available in three pressure-compensating varieties to accommodate a
Hunter ICV Valve with Filter Sentry™ Technology
The Hunter ICV series of irrigation valves is our top-of-the-line solution for high-pressure commercial systems. Constructed of glass-filled nylon to
MP Rotator: Matched Precipitation
Learn more about how standard and short-radius Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles achieve matched precipitation at any arc and radius. See the different models