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Canceling Extra Start Times on Hunter Controller

An irrigation system that is repeating the cycle and continuously watering most likely has too many start times programmed into the controller.

Programming Odd & Even Days and Programming Interval Watering

This video will teach you how to program your controller to water every other day by selecting odd or even days of the week to water.

Canceling a Delay on a Hunter Controller

One of the most common reasons for a sprinkler system to water intermittently and show the word DELAY on the display is because a delay time was prog

How to Reset a Hunter Controller

If want to clear the memory on your controller and start from fresh or if your controller is not responding to your commands, this video will show yo

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 1 of 4: Introduction, Time/Date

Programming a controller is easy.

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs Part 2 of 4: Program A

Programming a controller is easy.

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The XC Controller Has Been Replaced by the X-Core

The XC was Hunter's entry-level residential controller that was sunset in 2010. The XC was replaced by the X-Core, which was developed as a more efficient and versatile solution for the same applications. The X-Core is recommended as the replacement for current XC owners. All XC's are warrantied for two years from the manufacturing date code. For detailed information on how to find and interpret your manufacturing date code, download and review our Warranty Return Form.


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