New Valve Technician Program Trains Crewmembers to Install, Maintain, and Troubleshoot Valves

Landscape irrigation professionals can fast-track their crewmembers’ irrigation education with the new Valve Technician Program from Hunter University, the free online training portal operated by Hunter Industries. This innovative training course provides recent hires with the foundational knowledge they need to successfully install, maintain, and troubleshoot valves in the field.

Learn the Basics of Irrigation Control Valves

Offered at no cost, this comprehensive online program includes 14 self-paced videos, each covering a specific valve-related topic. Learners will discover how to:

  • Identify the internal and external parts of a valve
  • Keep an irrigation system operational in challenging water conditions
  • Troubleshoot valves that leak or won’t turn on or off
  • Use the Hunter Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator to maintain mandated system pressures
  • Replace an old or obsolete valve
  • And more!

“Many new employees in the landscape industry have little to no experience in irrigation. The Valve Technician Program was designed to help train recent hires at irrigation contracting companies to work in the field and those at irrigation supply wholesale distributors to work with customers in the store.”

–Phil Robisch, Product Training Manager

Designed to fit any schedule, participants can work through the program at their own pace — perfect for onboarding new employees. Upon completion, they’ll also earn a professional certificate to recognize their achievement.

Crewmembers can boost their irrigation IQ even more by completing the Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Program and Irrigation Designer Program. The new Valve Technician Program is available now.