The DUAL decoder module has features and diagnostics to help you troubleshoot installation issues and check the status of solenoid operation. Basically, two functions are available to the user in the Diagnostic mode:

Read Current Function

Allows for real time current readings of solenoids operating on the two-wire path

  1. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the “Read Current” function. Press the button once and the display will show the current draw on the two-wire path. 

  2. The display will show current in milliamps (mA). The display shows typical current draw for a single solenoid. 

Find Solenoid Function

The “Find Solenoid” function allows the users to activate the solenoid of a single station in a mode that produces a “chattering” sound. This function allows for quick identification of valves on the site.

  1. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the station you would like to operate in the "Find Solenoid" mode. 

  2. Press the button once to initiate. The module will "chatter" the solenoid for 60 seconds. Use the button at any time to stop the "Find Solenoid" function 

Operating Stations

The I-CORE controller can operate two programs simultaneously or up to five solenoids in the manual station operation model. At any time the controller is operating stations, the station numbers will be displayed. 

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