Hydrawise App - Linked To Account Message

If you receive this message, the serial number is linked to another account, and you cannot use it until it is removed from the existing account. Here are a few reasons why this might occur:

  • You may be trying to register a controller your contractor installed and added to his or her account. Contact your contractor for details on transferring your controller configuration to you. 
  • The contractor may have used a different email address for your controller or misspelled the email address. Verify with your contractor that the correct email address was used.
  • The serial number is already linked to another person. Contact the original owner of the Hydrawise controller to release the serial number using the instructions below.
  • You created your account under a different email address.
Remove Serial Number
Hydrawise_Linkedtoother account_1
  1. Open the Hydrawise App.
  2. Click the ()  icon in the upper left.
  3. Click Controller Settings.
  4. Click Serial Number.
  5. Tap on the (x) icon and Save.

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