Pro-HC - Connecting Sensors or Flow Meters (Optional)

The Pro-HC Controller supports most open/closed contact types of sensors. Compatible Hunter flow meters and sensors include the HC FLOW METER, MINI-CLIK®, RAIN-CLIK, FREEZE-CLIK®, WIND-CLIK, and SOIL-CLIK.

  1. Connect one sensor wire to COMMON on the controller. 
  2. Connect the Normally Closed or Normally Open wire from the sensor to SEN-1 or SEN-2 on the controller. 
  3. Configure it in the Hydrawise app.

Note: If installing a Wireless Rain Clik, the Orange wire is not used on Hunter controllers. Learn More

For full details, refer to the instructions provided with your sensor, or flow meter.

Wireless Rain SensorWired Rain SensorHC Flow Meter








See Configuring Sensors for full instructions on setting up sensors.

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