Decoder System Design

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The ACC Controller family is available in two-wire decoder configurations. It is also possible to convert a conventional ACC family controller to two-wire decoder operation, by removing the conventional output modules and inserting the ADM-99 Decoder Output Module. For purposes of this section of our website, "conventional" or "conventionally-wired" means control systems having a separate wire terminal for each station output, running from the controller to each system solenoid, as opposed to two-wire decoder control.

The DUAL Difference

The "DUAL" family of decoder products for the I-Core controller were added to the Hunter line in January, 2010. DUAL decoders share many characteristics of the ACC/ICD family, but there are some important differences. Look for "The DUAL Difference" sidebars in this section. They will call attention to important DUAL differences from ICD decoders.

IMPORTANT: DUAL decoders are not compatible with the ACC/ACC2 decoder systems. They are only to be used with the I-Core controller with Dual module installed.

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