X2 - Pump/Master Valve (P/MV)

Complete this section only if you have a MASTER VALVE or a PUMP START RELAY for a pump installed.  A master valve is a normally closed valve installed at the supply point of the mainline that opens only when the automatic system is activated. A pump start relay is an electronic device that uses a signal current from the irrigation controller to activate a pump to provide water to your system. When a pump is to be operated by the controller, a pump start relay is typically used. Hunter offers a full range of Pump Start Relays for most applications. The default is for all stations to have the master valve/pump start circuit ON. The master valve/pump start can be set ON or OFF by station, regardless of which program the station is assigned.

IMPORTANT: This controller setting is only to be used when there is no WAND device (WiFi module) installed.

Setting Master valve/Pump start Operation
  1. Turn the dial to the PUMP position.
  2. Press the    and   buttons to toggle the master valve/pump start ON or OFF for the specific station.
  3. Press the   button to advance to the next station.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all necessary stations.

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